Refinishing and restoring of doors, frames, cabinets, molding, mantelpieces using the best practices available.  We specialize in exotic finishes like tung oil.



Our skilled craftsmen bring new life into to your existing furniture with the right approach for each project.  Custom pillows and cushions made to order

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​                         Restoration & Upholstery



We can restore your valuable antiques without compromising its historical integrity.  Matching wood to any color you desire is one of our many specialties.


Experts in re-gluing, replacing missing carving, fixing scratches, removing water rings and furniture frame reinforcement. 

Whether you are an architect, designer or homeowner Time Treasures Restoration and Upholstery is able to assist you with restoration, repair, and custom upholstery needs.  A family owned business with over 100 years of accumulated experience in refinishing and restoration of furniture, doors, cabinets, and upholstery.